"Blue Heaven"

"Blue Heaven"
photo taken by: Michael Monroe

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is a story of you.

Every man/woman has what I like to call a "cave" inside of them. This is the most inner place inside you. The place where all the deep rooted secrets of who you are as a person lie. You see, when Jesus died on the cross, took our sin, and rose from the dead; God sent his Holy Spirit to live inside you. The Holy Spirit resides in your cave.

As you enter into your cave, you begin to search for God. It is when you find the Holy Spirit in your cave that you feel fully ALIVE. You see, this "feeling" only last for a short time, because God then chooses to leave you and go a little bit deeper into your cave. You wonder, "Why did God leave me?" "Where did He go?" ...you see, God went deeper inside your cave so you will continue to seek after Him.

Although we are in our cave, life is still going on. Life will bring many STORMS against you. There is a very real ENEMY (Satan) that will try EVERYTHING in his power to destroy you. You ask, "Why does he want to destroy me?" ...well my friends, God has a DIVINE plan for each and every one of you. Satan knows that God has HUGE plans for each of you and does not want you to find them! So you see, if you take REFUGE in your cave, with God, He can PROTECT you against all the storms that the enemy throws at you. You will NOT be moved, for you are protected!! This is why you must STAY in the cave and continue to SEARCH for God always.

Now, as you are seeking God (the Holy Spirit) in your cave, He is going deeper and deeper inside you. Each time you meet up with Him, He will reveal something about yourself that you did not even know was inside you. Stop, praise Him, and continue to search. He will continue to go deeper and deeper, uprooting all the "secret" gifts, talents, characteristics, and purposes of YOUR LIFE that you did not even know existed.

This is because God created you SPECIFICALLY, each individual, for a GREAT PURPOSE in His divine WILL. He has blessed each of you with amazing gifts, passions, talents, and visions. He has placed ideas inside each of you that will be GREAT tools for significance in this world. It is the desire of God to pull those out of you to be used AS WE SPEAK, but WE have to seek for Him to grant us these things.

As you go deeper into your cave, you will realize you get to a point where you can not turn back. The entrance to your cave is no longer in sight. Trying to get out now is like stumbling through darkness! The more you try to get out of your cave on your own, the more you will fail. Once God has revealed His LOVE and TRUTH into your spirit, you can not turn away without paying the consequences.

SO, if you are at a point where God has shown you some of the deep things in your cave, and you have turned away into the darkness, I plea with you... COME BACK TO THE FATHER, SEEK HIM FIRST. When you seek FIRST the kingdom of God, ALL shall be given to you. Every desire that you have inside your heart WILL be given to you. God created you to do AMAZING things!

Go deeper into your cave, God will meet you and show you what is coming next. He will give you the desires of your heart. He will uproot EVERY thing that He created you to be. You will not be touched by the storms of life, and trust me my friend, they are coming in great numbers. You will be significant in God's plan. For it is for freedom that Christ set us free.

Blessings & Love

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KellyBrett said...


Thank you for sharing the word, your beliefs, your honesty through experience... Life does get so stormy at times, and it's so easy to get lost in the dark. It's scary, and even worse it's so real.

When I sent you that message the other day to tell you that you were on my mind... I had just watched some old cheerleading videos that my dad made for me senior year. (insert pointing fingers and haha's here.. i know)

But there was a moment on camera where you had come down on the football field and my dad taped us talking. We were both laughing and getting along. I just thought... even though things weren't perfect between us & we went our separate ways after spending pretty much all of our jr.high and high school days together off and on... we could have turned away never trying to be friends after the fact, or after the break up.... but we didn't... it's like we never skipped a beat and remained friends. I'm so grateful for that.

I'm so grateful to see how much you've matured spiritually. I remember one time we went to the cabin in the ozarks with my church. I didn't know God back then. But you did. I think we were sophomores. We sat out on the porch and you talked to me about God, about your relationship with Christ, and what it meant to be a Christian. I had no idea what it meant... but I do now.

Fortunately, I've been able to grow in Christ as well, and my life has been so much richer since the day I fell for Him. Though you may not remember those days that I speak of... know that they were very impressionable on me, and I'll never forget them.

I'm so happy to see your success, to know your smiling on the inside and out, and knowing that you'll go so far as long as you have that light on your path guiding your way.

You're so bright, so talented, and of those of us who get to call you friend... we are so blessed!

I love you! Keep on keeping on!