"Blue Heaven"

"Blue Heaven"
photo taken by: Michael Monroe

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Change...

Ok. So first off...I know I have not been on here to write in quite some time..HOWEVER, that time is now! Since Thanksgiving, my life has been completely different. I have learned things about myself that I would have never understood...until the good Lord, JESUS got a hold of my heart.

I am saying this to the nation, because I believe that EVERY person should seek Jesus to have an intimate, personal relationship with Him. He will give you JOY beyond all belief. We are made perfect in Christ Jesus. He heals ALL our inequities. He forgives ALL our sin. No matter what we do, HE is still there...waiting...waiting on us to accept His LOVE.

Since, Thanksgiving...I have truly laid down Michael Monroe, and picked up the cross of Jesus Christ, and friends...I have to tell you... I WILL NEVER GO BACK.

Jesus is coming back. SOON.

...Where will you be when He returns?

...What will you say when you meet your Maker?

...I know what I want Jesus to say to me: "Well done! My good and faithful servant!"

IT IS MY DUTY to share this good news with the world. He has given me soo much!!! I can only give thanks to my Lord and SAVIOR Jesus Christ!!!

I am on a 21 day journey right now. I will reveal more of what this journey is at a later time. I say this, because on the 21st day. The last day of my journey. Which also happens to be my 26th birthday. I will be traveling to San Diego to record my EP.

The EP will consist of 4 Songs.

It will be called "A servant & A saint"

I can not wait for the masses of the world to hear what God has given me in song.

May the Lord be your LIGHT and GUIDE you home.

God bless you all...

Blessings & Love


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