"Blue Heaven"

"Blue Heaven"
photo taken by: Michael Monroe

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Power of God:

God has a plan for EVERY person in this world. Each plan is unique and specifically designed to bring GLORY to the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ.

There is NO GREATER LOVE than that of JESUS. He has the power to do ALL things and gives us that power to do ALL things through HIS NAME. My prayer is that ALL who read this FULLY understand that THIS IS REAL.

JESUS IS ALIVE and wants YOU to understand that He has already laid down His life so that YOU may have yours....



Heather said...

This is Amazing,and most people would not believe this at all. I do, even though i wasn't there i have seen things and experienced similar situations. i don't share these experiences with to many people for i know how crazy they sound and its still sometimes hard to believe but i KNOW it happend. I mean i myself was brought back.

oh the conversation i could have with you guys on this. :)

KellyBrett said...

So AMAZING, Michael! The power of God is truly AWESOME, and so easy to feel that love and share the love when it comes so easily to us. Knowing that all we have to do is accept it, open our heart and lift our eyes... Man, we that come to know this life and feel the presence of God and experience those miracles BIG and small... are truly blessed!

Keep it up Michael. So grateful to know & have you as a brother in Christ as well!

Many Blessings!


mimi said...

WHAT???? AMEN.... wow. wow. wow.. wow. PRAISE GOD. PRAISE to the LORD almighty. Oh my Gosh, wow. Just wow!!!! :) I had to read that again and again and again I cannot stop smiling. PRAISE THE LORD, what a mighty LOVING GOD we serve.

Heather said...

I sent this to a dear friend of mine, and she still can not believe it, even though she knows it is true. It has reinstalled her Faith all over again. I'm working with her to help her to get back to her Faith. Also with your permission sir would you mind if i shared this with my pastor. Myspace me and let me know i would say FB me but yea. let me know.